​Scope of Training

​​The Western Liberty Network (WLN) is dedicated to "Teaching people how to Take Their Power Back."  WLN offers training to individuals and groups who want to be more politically impactful where they live.  During the part of the cycle where local non-partisan elections are taking place, training is offered along four tracks of instruction showing trainees how to:

     1.  Be a Candidate for Local Office

     2.  Manage a Local Campaign

     3.  Be an Effective Campaign Worker

     4.  Function Once in Office

After that part of the cycle, WLN shifts it's training emphasis toward critical skills useful when working with high-profile political campaigns, governing boards, public officials, legislation, and many, many other topics.  A few of these topics include how to:

     1.  Lobby Public Officials at Any Level

     2.  Testify to Public Boards

     3.  Campaign Effectively for Campaigns of Your Choice

     4.  Efficiently and Correctly Circulate Initiative Petitions


Trainees will feel empowered and engage in local politics with increased skill and confidence.  Those elected or appointed to public office will "Take Their Power Back" by performing in office in accordance with their values.  As more and more people take WLN training, talent pools will form along the four lines listed above.  These talent pools will be accessible to new activists who move into their social and political circles.

As a 501(c)3 charitable organization, WLN does not and cannot involve itself in the campaigns launched by it's trainees.  Likewise, WLN does not advocate or oppose any candidate seeking public office.  Trainees must decide for themselves how best to apply what they learn through WLN.

​​​​​​​​​Types of Training

Live On-Site Training.  Organizations who become Independent Affiliates of WLN are eligible to receive live on-site interactive training at their meetings from WLN trainers.  These trainings are typically offered free of charge and training materials are provided by WLN.


Conference Event Training.  WLN sponsors events from time to time where presentations, breakout sessions, and exhibitions are featured.  Such conferences offer grass roots activists a chance to receive intense training on a variety of topics and afford them an opportunity to interact and network with other activists and groups.​

Live Remote Training.  Organizations who become Independent Affiliate of WLN, and those who join  are eligible to receive live interactive remote training via the Internet or other technical means.  These trainings are typically offered free of charge.  Training materials are provided to trainees via the Internet.  WLN does not provide projectors, computers, or other equipment at the training site.

On-Line Training.  Training materials will be made available on this website including documents, videos, and other such items.  New material will be added continuously.  Some materials will be available free of charge while others can be obtained for a small fee.  Some materials will be exclusively available to those who join WLN, which can be done free of charge.







All of the types ot training offered by WLN are collectively known as "WLN Academy."  Although WLN Academy will not earn you an accredited degree or provide credits to be applied toward one, it will provide trainees with the skills they need to confidently participate in the democratic process where they live.  Below you can download companion documents which accompany many of WLN's live training events.


These documents, though designed to be used as part of a live training session, can stand on their own.  Feel free to print and distribute them as you see fit but remember - these documents nor their contents are meant to be offered as legal advice.  If you have legal questions regarding any of the material contained in these training materials, consult the appropriate public officials or an attorney practiced in the field(s) at issue.  We offer training on the following:

Lobbying Office Holders 1:  The Basics of Lobbying

Lobbying Office Holders 2:  Seeing Things from Their Side

How to Be Effective in Informal Debates

Components of a Campaign Plan

Petition Signature Gathering in Oregon

Petition Signature Gathering in Washington State

The Care and Feeding of Good Volunteers

Effective Campaigning with Little or No Money

Dealing with the Media - Do's and Don'ts

How to Get Out The Vote (GOTV) With Your Individualized GOTV Campaign


Individualized GOTV Planning Sheet (Goes with the Above Document)

Developing Your Personal Media Campaign

Becoming an Opinion Leader in Your Group or Community

Basics of the Board/Staff Governance Model

Assessing Yourself as a Candidate for Public Office

How to Testify Before Public Boards, Commissions, and Committees

Basics of Oregon Ethics Laws

Basics of Washington Ethics Laws

Running Efficient and Effective Meetings

The Challenges of Serving as an Organization's Chair

Taking Your Power Back - Making Interpersonal Relationships Work in Your Group

Setting Up and Running a Voter Registration Booth

Basics of Oregon's Local Budget Processes

Basics of Washington's Local Budget Processes

Download a ZIP File Containing All of the Above Training Documents

Download a PDF File Containing All of the Above Training Documents in One File



WLN Academy