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EXPERT TRAINERS AND PRESENTERS.  Pictured above, clockwise from upper left, are former economic advisor to president Trump STEPHEN MOORE (who will present remotely), state senator KIM THATCHER, WLN Executive Dir. RICHARD P. BURKE, state representative MIKE NEARMAN, 2002 Libertarian nominee for governor TOM COX, Clackamas county commission chair TOOTIE SMITH, Slavic Vote board member LILIYA ZHUKOVA, state senator DENNIS LINTHICUM, and GREG BURNETT, the owner of the Burnett Media Group.

OVERVIEW.  In 2021 there will be THOUSANDS of elected positions on the ballot for important local offices.  Legislatures will also be in session.  The 2020 elections are over.  This is the PRIME SEASON to hone your skills and build a "farm team" that will lay the foundations for future success. WLN invites and challenges you to "TAKE THE OFFENSIVE!" by attending its Eleventh Annual Leadership Conference and Expo on Saturday, January 30th, at the Tigard Embassy Suites Hotel next to Washington Square shopping mall.


COVID-19 NOTICE.  While we question their constitutionality, because of Covid, ATTENDANCE IS LIMITED TO 50 by executive order of Oregon governor Kate Brown.  All hotels are enforcing these orders, so REGISTER NOW AND SECURE YOUR SPOT BY CLICKING ON THE RED "REGISTER NOW" button at right!  Arrangements will be made for masks, sanitizer, and social distancing.

AVAILABLE TRAINING.  Though a smaller conference, content will be more useful, practical and relevant than ever.  Training will be provided on:  1)  How to Get Elected to Local Non-Partisan Office, 2) How to Recruit Candidates for Local Office and Support Those Who Do, 3) How to Raise Money for Your Campaign or Group, 4) How to Lobby effectively in your Legislature and Your Town, and more.  Briefings will be provided on coming legislative sessions and local campaigns.

ADDITIONAL FREE EVENT.  At 7PM on Friday night, January 29th, the night before the conference, there will be a reception/mixer open to anyone who loves liberty.  There will be appetizers, a no-host bar, and good company.  Make new friends, see old ones, network, and have a good time with limited-government advocates.

LODGING W/FREE BREAKFAST AT A GROUP RATE:  The rooms at Embassy Suites are all luxury two-room suites with rich amenities.  WLN's group rate of $149 includes a free hot breakfast on Saturday morning!  Rooms with one King or two Queen beds are available.  The price includes all taxes and fees.  You will be responsible for any incidental expenses.  To get this group rate you must secure your room on this website while you register for the event.


SPONSORSHIPS AND SCHOLARSHIPS.  If you can't go but want to support WLN and this conference, if you want to establish a presence for your group or organization at the conference, if you want to have an exhibition table in the common area, or if you want to help students and veterans attend who are short of cash, you can click the red "BUY A SPONSORSHIP" button shown at right.  If you are a student or veteran who wants to attend but are short of cash, send WLN an email by clicking on the ORGANIZATION tab of this website and send a message.

THE USUAL SMALL PRINTWhile unlikely, the conference agenda, confirmed events, or the lunch offerings may be changed at any time without notice.  Download or view the agenda at any time by clicking on "VIEW THE AGENDA" button shown at right.  As a 501(c)3 non-profit, non-partisan organization, WLN does not support or oppose any candidate, legislation, or ballot measure.  The opinions and statements of presenters at WLN events are there own and may not necessarily reflect the positions and policies of Western Liberty Network.  All purchases related to this conference are non-refundable.  Sponsorships constitute contributions to WLN and are tax-deductible.

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WLN is proud to be associated with the following organizations and Individuals in presenting this conference to you.

Mrs. Kay Elton

Mr. & Mrs. Larry Talbert

Senator Kim Thatcher

Sen. Dennis Linthicum

Senator Tim Knopp

BLexit Oregon


Participate in WLN's FREE Zoom training session on Jan. 16th @ 1pm led by State Senator Dennis Linthicum


State senator Dennis Linthicum (Klamath Falls) will offer an interactive talk reminding participants about nature of the government and that society that limited-government activists are fighting to realize.

In one's activism, it is easy to become consumed by the noise, frenzies, and passions related to controversial issues, political campaigns, and the actions of lawmakers at every level.  In their activism, limited-government activists need to keep a "big picture" in mind.


This "big picture" must be grounded in basic principles.  Our expectations of elected officials need to be grounded in those same principles.  And activists should consider how their activism contributes realizing a vision based on the principles the are fighting to uphold.

NOTE:  When prompted, the Meeting ID is: "358 890 0478" and the Passcode is: "WLN" (no quotes).(If you need the ZOOM conferencing software, you can get it free by CLICKING HERE).  As a 501(c)3 organization, WLN neither supports or opposes any candidate (even the ones we train), political party, ballot measure, or legislation.  Comments made by guest trainers and any participants are entirely their own, and do not necessarily represent the views of Western Liberty Network.

To participate, make sure you have ZOOM conferencing software on your computer, phone, or other device.  At time and date shown above, SIMPLY CLICK HERE and you will get into the conference.

Covid 19 is hasn't stopped Western Liberty Network from training activists how to be heard in November's Elections








Clockwise, top left to bottom right: Field training provided to those engaged in the "Activate 2020" program in SW Washington.  The program is designed to activiate conservative activists in southwest Washington; training to the board of directors of the Slavic Vote PAC, training provided to the Deschutes County GOP (WLN offers training to everyone regardless of party affiliation), a WLN-hosted ZOOM training on fundraising, a training in central Oregon for precinct committee chairpersons, a presentation before Oregon Grassroots United, and a training session provided to the Cottage Grove 9-12 organization, one of WLN's first "independent affiliates,"

LIVE TRAININGS:  Covid 19 or no Covid 19, the world keeps turning and people still need to be able to advocate for themselves.  WLN is helping people to do this despite the pandemic, within the parameters set by state law and executive orders. From the pandemic's beginning to the present, WLN has thread the needle on various restrictions to offer training on a variety of topics.


Among them, how to design and execute a PERSONAL Get Out the Vote (GOTV) campaign by reaching out to the personal networks of activists.  Another is how to design and execute a PERSONAL media campaign, Both of these are perfect for Covid 19-era activism as they can be done from home.  These campaigns can be used to support or oppose any candidate or ballot measure campaign, and make it possible for grassroots activists to make their influence felt in the 2020 election cycle.  You can download the companion documents for these training topics by clicking at left as indicated or on the TRAINING tab of this website.

NEW WLN AFFILIATES:  The Slavic Vote PAC and the East County for All PAC have signed on as "Independent Affiliates" of Western Liberty Network.  Even under the pandemic, WLN is continuting to expand.  In the coming election cycle, WLN looks forward to working with these organizations, leading the way toward limited government within their communities, in their efforts to train their members to be politically effective.

20180430 Personal Media Campaign.jpg

Click on the above image to download WLN's training document on how to plan an execute your own personalized
Get Out the Vote (GOTV) Campaign!

20180430 Personal Media Campaign.jpg

Click on the above image to download WLN's training document on how to plan an execute your own personalized
Media Campaign!

Tenth annual conference breaks all records, reaches out to the huge Slavic community in Oregon and Washington






Left to right, top to bottom: Featured speaker Andrei Illarionov, Senior Fellow at the Cato Institute; Attendees listen to the morning presentation; Members of Slavic Vote take a picture with Illarionov; Attendees and speakers mix at the Friday night reception; State representative Mike Nearman leads a breakout session on initiative petition signature gathering; WLN Executive Dir. Richard Burke emcees the lunch assembly and; State senator Kim Thatcher leads a breakout session on lobbying legislators.  Evaluation sheets completed by attendees describe one of our best conferences ever!

On Saturday, February 1st, Western Liberty Network held its TENTH annual conference themed, "TAKE THE OFFENSIVE" at the Portland Airoport Embassy Suites hotel.  Over 170 people attended the event which included a free reception in the hotel lounge on the previous evening.

Andrei Illarionov, formerly Vladimir Putin’s senior economic advisor, was one of our featured speakers. Illarionov left authoritarian Russia to live in freedom. He now works as a senior fellow in the Center of Global Liberty and Prosperity at the Cato Institute in Washington, DC.  State representatives Bill Post and Mike Nearman, along with Dercy Teixeira of the national FreedomWorks office, were also featured speakers.

WLN’s Annual Conference has grown into the premiere training event for activists in Oregon and Washington. During the conference, twenty breakout sessions led by experts in the field were offered along the following tracks of instruction:

     1) How to be Effective as a Citizen Lobbyist or Advocate
     2) How to Get Elected and Successfully Serve in Local Office
     3) How to be An Effective Campaign Volunteer in 2020
     4) Defeating Tactics Designed to Silence Free Speech


This year’s breakout session leaders included WLN Exec. Dir. Richard Burke, state senators Kim Thatcher and Brian Boquist, state representatives Bill Post and Mike Nearman, former state representatives Jeff Kropf and Knute Buehler, Slavic Vote president Dmitriy Sashchenko, official trainers from the Oregon Government Ethics Commission, Aurora City Manager Scott Jorgensen, Dercy Teixeira of the FreedomWorks national office, Tualatin Valley Water District Financial Manager Paul Matthews, and former Tualatin Valley Water District CEO Mark Knudson.

This summer, WLN plans to hold its second Summer Conference in another part of the state.  Between conferences, WLN will provide field training free of cost to activists in Oregon Washington, and possibly other states as WLN expands.  Watch this website for more information!

OBLIGATORY DISCLAIMER:  Western Liberty Network is a recognized 501(c)3 organization.  As such, while WLN supports limited-government principles, it does not take any position in favor of (or in opposition to) any candidate, political party, ballot measure, or specific legislation.  WLN does not necessarily endorse positions taken (or statements made by) featured speakers presenters, and/or sponsors.  Event agendas are subject to change without notice.


Click on Andrei Illiaronov's photo above to hear his afternoon address to the 2020 WLN Annual Conference attendees.

First annual WLN "End of Summer Conference" brings local activists, statewide and national opinion leaders together







Left to right: Over 60 local activists and people interested in learning about self-advocacy attended WLN's first annual "End of Summer" conference.  Former state representative Patti Milne talked about the importance of local activism.  The Rev. C. L. Bryant talked about the importance of minority groups to become politically active.  National figure Steve Moore talked about national economic trends and Dechutes county commissioner Phil Henderson talks about how local activists can impact policy by simply making their opinions known.

On September 21st in Bend, WLN held a free training session on how individuals can impact public policy.  Over 60 people showed up for the training featuring experts known throughout the local community, state, and the entire nation.  FreedomWorks was a key co-sponsor to the event.  While WLN's main annual conference takes place in Portland every winter, the annual "End of Summer" conference will take place in different parts of the state on a rotating basis.

State senator Tim Knopp provided training on how people can lobby public officials at any level.  Emily Stack of FreedomWorks trained attendees on how they could use social media to impact public policy.  Senate Minority Leader Herman Baertschiger talks about the pros and cons of proposed climate taxes.  Former state representative Patti Milne talked about the role of grass roots politics in Oregon and Deschutes county commissioner Phil Henderson led a training on how to testify before public boards and commissions.

In all, conference attendees received world-class training on how to advocate for themselves at the local and state level while learning how their activism has importance on the larger stage.  A copy of the agenda can be downloaded by clicking on the image shown at right.

WLN field trainings help people become stakeholders in their communities by offering them instruction where they live
















Top to bottom, left to right: WLN Exec. Dir. Richard P. Burke giving a training on leadership at the annual Gathering of the Eagles/Rally Around the Flag event held in Turner, Oregon; Natasha Burke talking about her experience growing up in the Soviet Union before a Multnomah county womens' group; Richard Burke providing a training on initiative petition signature gathering before the Ontario Chamber of Commerce; Burke providing leadership training before citizen groups in Pendleton and Enterprise, Oregon.

During the summer, WLN has done extensive leadership training in central and eastern Oregon in cities including Sisters, Bend, Pendleton, Milton-Freewater, La Grande, Enterprise, Baker City, and Ontario.  WLN plans field training throughout the rest of Oregon and Washington in the weeks and months ahead.  Beyond that, WLN plans to expand in Idaho, Montana, and northern California.

84 % of local candidates receiving WLN training won!

After four cycles, WLN shows that training works!









Left: WLN trainee Mahesh Udata (4th from the left) on the campaign trail with his supporters.  Center and right:  Photos of WLN training sessions covering a variety of topics on how to run for local non-partisan office and how to serve once elected or appointed.  Such trainings take place between annual conferences in all states where WLN is organized.  This training is provided free of charge and is open to everyone regardless of their political parties or other affiliations.


Since the beginning of 2019 WLN has provided training to 160 candidates running for local offices in May's Oregon non-partisan special district elections.  Of those, 134 won their races for school boards, water boards, fire boards, and more.  This represents 84 percent of those receiving training!

2019 represents the fourth election cycle where WLN has provided training to limited-government activists running for local non-partisan offices in their communities.  Since 2013, 672 candidates receiving WLN training have won their elections.  Training WORKS!  It shows a path to effectiveness and builds confidence!  WLN exists to re-weave the fabric of our political culture by helping regular people, not professional politicians, take responsibility for their own governance.

WLN takes no position for or against political parties, candidates, legislation, or ballot measures.  Instead, we give regular citizens the skills they need to advocate for themselves, their interest, and constructively contribute to their communities through local democratic processes.

WLN's Mission Statement


Western Liberty Network works to help people by training them how to effectively represent their interests, advocate for themselves, and take part in their community's democratic processes. WLN's work creates empowered stakeholders who can participate in building a better future for themselves, their children, and their communities.

2019 Annual Conference the Best Ever!
Sold out venue featured training and nationally known speakers.


Positive energy! (From left to right, top to bottom) Featured speaker Kat Timpf from Fox News, WLN Exec. Dir. Richard Burke addressing attendees, retired marines Keith Fritch and Bruce Broussard present the colors, senator Kim Thatcher leads a breakout session on lobbying public officials, Burnett Media Group president Greg Burnett leads a breakout session on social media, Roxanne Ross gets the WLN annual award for outstanding activists, talk show host Lars Larson addresses the crowd, and Julie Parrish is awarded the Adam Mayer Memorial Award for outstanding public service.


OVERVIEW.  WLN's ninth annual "TAKE THE OFFENSIVE!" Leadership Conference and Expo attracted a sold-out crowd this year with over 170 attendees, the most ever!  The conference featured twenty breakout sessions along four tracks of instruction including: How to Get Elected to Local Office, How to Serve Effectively in Local Office, How to be a Good Citizen Legislator, and How to Build a Good Local Organization.  Instructors featured experts in their field including state representatives, state senators, a representative from the Oregon Government Ethics Commission and More!

Featured speakers included comedienne Katherine "Kat" Timpf of Fox News, radio talk show Lars Larson, and FreedomWork's national vice-president of advocacy, Noah Wall.  During the Friday night reception, attendees enjoyed fellowship and hot appetizers along with a presentation by John Tamny, FreedomWork's Director for the Center for Economic Freedom.

WLN does not advocate for any candidate, ballot measure, or legislation.  Instead, we train citizens to participate successfully in their local democratic processes!  The Tenth Annual WLN "TAKE THE OFFENSIVE" Leadership Conference and Expo is scheduled to be in the Portland area on February 1, 2020.  Until then WLN will focus on field training as widely as its resources will permit!

NOTE: The views expressed by featured speakers and guest trainers are entirely their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Western Liberty Network or its Independent Affiliates.

Click on Katherine ("Kat") Timpf's photo to hear her afternoon address to the 2019 WLN Annual Conference attendees.

Click on Lars Larson's photo to hear his lunch address to the 2019 WLN Annual Conference attendees.

Click on Noah Wall's photo to hear his morning address to the 2019 WLN Annual Conference attendees.

2019 Review Doc.jpg

Click on the page image above to see a PDF version of a PowerPoint presentation reviewing WLN's 2019 conference.

WLN year-round field training helps activists shape their communities through local elections and in local governance!










Here you see photos of field trainings in different communities which take place between annual WLN conferences.  This training is provided free of charge to anyone who wishes to attend.


Is WLN's training connected with a political party?  No.  WLN is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 educational organization.  WLN's training is non-partisan in nature, intended to enable activists to take their power back and become more responsible for their own governance where they live.  To date, 512 activists who have received WLN training have been elected to public offices at a variety of levels.  One, Mike Nearman, was elected to the Oregon House of Representatives after attending several WLN trainings and using what he learned.

What Sort of Training is Offered?  Depending on where a state is within any election cycle, WLN emphasizes training in the areas of: 1) Getting Elected to and Serving in Local Non-Partisan Public Office - WLN's core function, 2) Impacting Local Leaders and State Legislators as Citizen Lobbyists, 3) Becoming Aware of State Ethics Laws and Local Budget Processes, 4) Circulating Initiative Petitions, 5) Impacting the Candidate and Ballot Measure Campaigns Activists Care About.  Though WLN emphasizes values consistent with limited government, training is non-partisan and open to anyone  To learn more about WLN training and review training documents, click on the TRAINING tab of this website.

How is This Training Provided?  Activists can get WLN training by attending WLN's annual conference or at regular meetings of WLN Independent Affiliates where training is scheduled.  For a list of WLN's Independent Affiliates, and to see a copy of the affiliate agreement, click on the  AFFILIATES tab of this website.  WLN also provides training to non-affiliated groups at their invitation and offers training at its offices in Tigard, Oregon.  WLN's Training materials are all available via the TRAINING tab of this website, and trainings are provided remotely using Internet technology.

Steve Moore headlines a great 2018 WLN training conference as activists across Oregon work to "Take the Offensive!"






















WLN's best conference to date! (from left to right, top to bottom):  WLN Exec. Dir. Richard Burke and his wife, Natasha, speaking with Stephen Moore during the Friday night reception; Attendees registering for the day; Gubernatorial candidate Sam Carpenter and his wife Diana chatting with reception attendees; Civil rights activist Bruce Broussard asking Stephen Moore a question; Ben and Sabrina Fisher working at the registration desk; Half the room applauding the beginning of the conference; Richard Burke shaking hands with gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler; Speech coach Le Snelling leading a breakout session on debates; Greg Burnett leading a breakout session on social media, Snelling speaking with particular attendees; and other featured speakers and trainers including Noah Wall of FreedomWorks, Bobbie Jager of the Cascade Policy Institute, and Sarah Hunt of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC).

Over 100 leading activists from Oregon and Washington attended the 2018 WLN Annual Leadership Conference and Expo held at the Tigard Embassy Suites hotel in late January.  Featured speakers included Fox News/CNN commentator Stephen Moore, Noah Wall of FreedomWorks, Bobby Jager of the Cascade Policy Institute, and Sarah Hunt of the American legislative Exchange Council.

Between general assemblies headlined by featured speakers, breakout sessions were held along four tracks of instruction including: 1) How to Be Effective as a Citizen Lobbyist, 2) How to Be Effective as a Campaign Volunteer, 3) Advancing School Choice Where You Live and, 4) Defeating Liberal Attempts to Silence Free Speech.  Professional speech coaches Le and Ann Snelling also provided training in improving the public speaking skills of attendees.  The point of the conference, themed "Take the Offensive," was to empower local activists to take responsibility for their governance where they live by offering them tools they can use to impact decisions made by local, county, regional, and state governments.

During the night before the conference an informal reception was held.  The three major Republican candidates for Oregon governor offered brief introductory speeches, the first time that they appeared together during the Oregon primary election cycle (candidates from other parties were invited).  All of the features speakers were present and were willing to interact and graciously have their pictures taken with conference attendees.  This was a great ice breaker which set the tone for the next day's events.  The next WLN conference will take place on January 26, 2019 - watch this website for details!

NOTE: The views expressed by featured speakers and guest trainers are entirely their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Western Liberty Network or its Independent Affiliates.

Click on Stephen Moore's photo above to hear his address to the attendees of WLN's 2018 annual conference.

Click on the image shown above to download a PDF presentation on WLN's 2018 annual conference.

Click on the image shown above to download a PDF version of the
conference agenda.

Click on Grover Norquist's photo above to hear his address to the attendees of WLN's 2017 annual conference.

Training Works!  In the 2013, 2015, and 2017 local non-partisan elections, 512 of those receiving WLN training won public office!

The May 2017 Oregon primary election represented the third such election where local political activists receiving training from Western Liberty Network ran for and were elected to non-partisan elected offices in their respective communities.  We have learned that this training works.  In 2015, 113 of the 131 candidates who received WLN training were elected to public office.  These office holders join the 78 of 98 WLN trainees who were elected in 2013 for a total of 191.  In the 2017 elections, a similar record was realized.  So far, 512 activists receiving WLN training won public office.

By training limited-government activists to get elected to local non-partisan offices, and then by training them to serve effectively, WLN is helping local activists how to take responsibility for their local governance and thereby change the fabric of the political culture in the communities they live in.

Local non-partisan offices include such positions as school board, water board, fire and rescue boards, park and rec boards, city councils, and even tiny positions like vector control boars and road maintenance boards.  These positions are not always prestigeous or attract a lot of attention, but they make up the nuts and bolts which make our communities work and hold them together.  These positions are often places where talented policymakers get their start before they rise to positions of more responsibility!

As a 501(c)3 educational foundation, WLN does not support or oppose any candidate for public office.  But during local non-partisan election cycles, we DO offer training for anyone who wants it on: 1) How To be a Good Candidate,
2) How to be an Effective Campaign Manager and, 3) How to be an Effective Campaign Volunteer.
 Candidates are typically recruited by local organizations and friends. You can see some of the companion documents which accompany live trainings by going to WLN's TRAINING page!

Prospective candidates are trained to preferentially file for races where they may run unopposed, and from 70%-80% of those elected followed that training.  These races allow candidates and the people who help them to campaign and win (even if they may mistakes) and thereby learn while still being able to serve.    Those who lose gain valueable experience for another run or for serving in other capacities.  But in any scenario, TRAINING WORKS!

The Western Liberty Network (WLN) is a charitable non-profit 501(c)3 educational organization.  WLN offers training to activists at the grass roots level on how to successfully engage in the democratic process at the local level.  WLN does not support or oppose any candidate, ballot measure, political party, or legislation.  For more information about WLN, check out the "Organization" page on this website.  Contributions to WLN are tax-deductible.  To make a contribution, check out the "Support" page on this website.