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The Concept of Independent Affiliates

What ARE Independent Affiliates?  One of the ways WLN offers training to grass roots activists is through organizations which join WLN as "Independent Affiliates."  These affiliates are completely independent of WLN.  Neither WLN nor it's affiliates have any authority to make policy, determine leadership, or otherwise control the other.  If an Independent Affiliate is already affiliated with other organizations, those affiliations remain in place and do not change.

What do Independent Affiliates have to do?  Independent Affiliates agree to make WLN training opportunities available to their rank-and-file membership and delegate two of their members to represent their organization on conference calls (usually monthly) and at an annual training conference.  In exchange, WLN offers to provide live training sessions at meetings of the affiliate, makes special on-line training resources available, and offers special seating and pricing to special paid WLN events such as conferences.

How Does An Organization Become an Independent Affiliate?  An organization wishing to become an WLN Independent Affiliate needs only to submit a completed "Independent Affiliate Form" signed by an authorized member of that organization.  The form is not a contract in the usual sense.  It exists only to document and define the relationship between WLN and the affiliate.  There is no cost.  Just fill it out, sign it, and return it.​

An organization becomes a WLN Independent Affiliate when WLN has received, accepted, and acknowledged a completed form and ends when either side decides to terminate it in writing.  This form may be downloaded as shown at right or by clicking HERE.  It can be filled out, signed, scanned, and emailed to or snail-mailed to Western Liberty Network, 7100 SW Hampton, Suite 201, Tigard, OR 97223.




WLN Independent Affiliates - OREGON


Baker County Americans for Prosperity

     Peggy Longwell, Chair,

Bend Patriots

     Lucy Brackett, Contact,


Bend TEA Party

     John Philo, Chair,


Benton County Americans for Prosperity

     Ken McCracken, Chair,

BLexit Oregon Chapter

     Janira Brannigan, State Director,

Central Oregon Patriots

     Craig Brookhart, Chair,

Clackamas County Americans for Freedom and Prosperity

     Dale Seale, Chair,


Columbia County TEA Party

     Ingrid Chamberlain, Chair,

Coos County Americans for Prosperity

     Steve Norlander, Chair,

Cottage Grove 9-12

     Logan Overton, Chair,

Douglas County FreedomWorks

     Rich Raynor, Chair,


Douglas County TEA Party

     Faye Fink, Chair,


Lane County 9-12

     Glen Stutzman, Chair,



     Loma Wharton, Chair,

Lincoln County Americans for Prosperity

     Jim Hoover, Chair,

Milton-Freewater TEA Party Patriots

     Larry Nye, Chair,

Northwest TEA Party

     Charles Hamerle, Chair,

Oregon 9-12

     Carla Pletka, Chair,


Oregonians for Fair Elections

     Janice Dysinger, Chair,


Pendleton TEA Party Patriots

     Eli Stephens, Chair,

Young Republicans of Oregon

     Lauren Kristensen, Contact,

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Affiliation of the groups listed above with the Western Liberty Network does not indicate, suggest, or imply that Western Liberty Network is endorsed by their respective parent organizations or that the Western Liberty Network endorses them.  Please download and review the Independent Affiliate Agreement using the link shown above.

WLN Independent Affiliates - WASHINGTON


Northwest TEA Party

     Charles Hamerle, Chair,


Walla Walla TEA Party Patriots

     Charles Hamerle, Chair,


Olympia TEA Party

     Ken Morse, Chair,


Northwest Grassroots

     Cecily Wright and Jon Charleston, Chairs

WLN Independent Affiliates - TEXAS


This is Texas Freedom Force

     Robert D. Beverly,Chair,


WLN Independent Affiliates - REGIONAL / NATIONAL


Parents' Rights in Education

     Suzanne Gallagher, National Director,


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