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Richard Burke

WLN Executive Director
and State Director for

Richard Burke.  Before WLN, Richard was the Grass Roots Director for Oregon Americans for Prosperity, building a network of thirty-one local chapters. Richard has won seven contested local nonpartisan elections for positions on two local school committees and the board of commissioners of the Tualatin Valley Water District (where he served as board president), which provides water to over 250,000 residents and major corporations such as Intel.  Richard was also appointed to the Oregon Government Ethics commission, where he served as board chair for one year.

Richard has worked in the Oregon house and senate as a senior legislative aide and was a minor party nominee for Oregon governor in 1998. He has been a radio talk show host. Richard has managed campaigns at every level, helping dozens of people secure election to local non-partisan offices. Richard earned a B.S. in Social Science from Portland State University.  He and his wife, Natasha, parent a brilliant and accomplished young lady named Anastasia and have a German shepherd dog, Arya.

Ken Morse.  Ken is WLN's State Director in Washington State who lives in Little Rock, WA.  Professionally, Ken is a wastewater bio-remediation expert.  Politically, Ken is a longtime veteran of limted-government grass roots movement. Ken has served as the Chair of the Olympia TEA Party and now serves as the chair of the Informed Citizens Network, a statewide organization, which is an Independent Affiliate of WLN.

Ken Morse

WLN State Director
Washington State

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